Jennifer was born 1988 and raised in Visby, Gotland.

Her creative art work is based on the love of strong colors, picturing human faces as an ongoing theme. She educes her creations out of her core and strong feelings of power and joy. Every piece is a unique original, Jennifer doesn’t, and will never, produce printed copies, protecting the uniqueness of each piece is a core value.

Jennifer creates her pieces embracing values like kindness, emotion and love.

‘Every time a work of art leaves me, I experience an emptiness, even though I know the piece is well taken care of. My story how art became a part of my life is very different and I will tell that story at a later point in time.

My work is an expression of love, I don’t believe in superficial beauty, power or glamour. The pieces I create are meant to end up with the right people, not the ones paying the most!’