Beloved Tuesday arrived with beautiful weather. I awoke from the sun shining brightly through our bedroom window, jumped into my slippers and got ready for continued weeding in the garden. We chose to keep our wedding last November just to ourselves and about two months from now we throw the wedding party for our families, most of the preparations are done, and that feels amazing.

I´ve ordered meat, fish and other snacks to fit everyones pallet. It feels fantastic to have everyone coming together in lots of love. My surprise for my husband is ready and feels very personal and I’m a little nervous, yet sure his eyes will overflow with beautiful tears. I’ve put my art on hold for some time while painting ‘on demand’. The way it works is that the customer choses which colors they like and dislike, then my feeling takes care of the rest. I got ample work of this kind right now and can feel it in my heart.

Now Alex asks ’Are You hungry?’ – my answer is ’Yes!’ so I catch You later, my friend. Take good care


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