Today it´s Sunday, my friend. It´s been to incredibly hot here on Österlen today. We’ve been out shopping miscellaneous items. Got this thought to keep a part of our garden for just different colored peonies, already got some, but need to expand the area. Besides that I’ve just completed a special piece, for sale right now. The piece is about my fear of the ocean, the deep and the uncertainty what is hidden under the surface. At the same time there’s a deep love of the ocean inside me. I love all kind of water sports and boat life, sometimes I think I was a fish in an earlier incarnation. This particular piece moves me deeply on a personal level, containing so many stories I hope my customer can observe. Totally unrelated, we just reserved out tickets for Öja, Ystad, to see Lars Winnerbäck on July 21st, magical. You know, the bugs flying around, warm summer night and lots of love. I can recite all the lyrics, Winnerbäck has always been my absolute favorite within the music scene and his creation of music is so real. Until soon!


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