Rome day 5

We go back to Sweden early Sunday morning, yet plan to be back here soon. Today we met another artist from England with a huge smile on his face. Right ow we’re about to enjoy our last dinner here at a close by restaurant. Ciao

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Rome day 2-3

Amazing food, just as last time. Going on walks, food, enjoying ourselves, creating, some shopping and lots of cosiness! Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Now continuing the evening down town. Bella notte!

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Amazing 30

What a magical time since we arrived in Rome. I’m exhausted and now we tug in to continue the struggle tomorrow. Thank You, my love, for everything You are. Thank You, Rome, I love You. Also thanks to NCC professional. Good night, Rome

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Now we’re off to Rome in a few hours, see You soon again. You can read the interview on YA´s website.

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