Amazing 30

What a magical time since we arrived in Rome. I’m exhausted and now we tug in to continue the struggle tomorrow. Thank You, my love, for everything You are. Thank You, Rome, I love You. Also thanks to NCC professional. Good night, Rome

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Now we’re off to Rome in a few hours, see You soon again. You can read the interview on YA´s website.

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Family first

Good morning, my friend. The family arrived on Thursday and we really enjoy going for walks together, great food, nature and wonderful company. Both our families are here to celebrate my 30th Birthday, Alex and I then travel to Rome on my actual Birthday. Have a continued wonderful morning, lets connect when we are in […]

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Hi, Last week I got a call from a reporter, Pia Rockenström, who wanted to interview me. I always use to turn down interviews, yet this time I got good vibes about a genuine interest from a talented journalist. You can read the interview upcoming Tuesday in ’Ystad Allehanda Familj’. We did the interview at […]

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Fall has arrived

It´s raining here on Österlen and it has been going on most of the day. So beautiful in a gloomy way, just a little late! In three weeks, when we travel back to Rome, there will be sunshine and warmth, over 25 degrees to be specific. I mostly miss the summer for its beautiful nights, […]

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